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2005 Cane Creek Photos
This DHer survived
the rock garden
This poor guy took a tumble
(but bounced back up!)
Rollin' thru the rocks

Photo by Richard Fink
Slippin' and slidin'

Photo by Richard Fink
Cleared for take off
Up, up & away
Let's see...
Where am I gonna land this thing?
Up in the trees
A Sycamore Cycles rider
nears the end of his last lap.
A Hearts rider
takes a tight turn.
Young cross country rider clears the rock garden on Sunday.

Mulberry's Michael Lockhart

Photo by Richard Fink
It's all downhill from here.
Truckin' thru a tight turn
Fractured frame: The course claimed a bike each day

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
BMCC's Brandon Eller back in his old stomping grounds

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Jim Smalley

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Phylicia Marion

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Starting Line

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Dinner Time

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Brandon Eller

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Keith from Sycamore Cycles

Photo by Jason Bumgarner
Saturday's Stiletto winner

Photo by Sam Hutchens

The Youngest DHer

Photo by Richard Fink

More pics of the DH race can be found at:

"Kirstie Alley size PROPS to you guys!' raves one rider
 Cane Creek Cup DH, XC races June 18th-19th "a huge success"

Wilkesboro’s Dark Mountain trail system hosted some of the area's top mountain bikers Father’s Day weekend.

About 150 competitors from across the Carolinas raced in downhill and cross country events as the Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club hosted the sixth stop in the 2005 Cane Creek Cup series June 18th and 19th, 2005.

Click here to download the results spreadsheet (Excel file).

The Cane Creek Cup is a series of eleven mountain biking competitions at various venues across North and South Carolina.  Cane Creek Cycling Components is the series sponsor.  

Saturday: Dark Mountain's first ever downhill event

"Saturday's event was a fast paced, heart pounding downhill competition," said Matt Adams, the event coordinator.  At one minute intervals, helmeted riders in body armor took off from the top of the ridge.  The objective: Barrel their bulky full suspension bikes down the mountain as fast as possible while taking on several mandatory jumps and obstacles.

Wilkes Rescue Squad personnel were stationed at the "rock garden", a rough patch of jagged boulders near the top of the course.  Plenty of riders tumbled there, but no one was seriously injured.

"I think I can speak for most people when I say that the rock garden was definitely much harder than anticipated," one rider wrote in an online forum. "Though not long, every rock was placed about perfectly to make it 'interesting'. I loved it."

Each rider took two runs on the downhill course, competing in Pro, Expert, Junior Expert, Sport, Beginner and Junior categories.

The event was the first downhill competition ever held at Dark Mountain. "I think folks were amazed and really enjoyed seeing how extreme and fast DHers can be," Matt said.

Sunday: Cross Country riders take on tough terrain

On Sunday, cross country racers took on the tough terrain of the BMCC-built Dark Mountain Trails.  They competed in 25 different categories from Beginner to Pro Expert, bracketed by gender, experience and age. They rode anywhere from 6 to 24 miles, depending upon their categories.  The course included two tough climbs from the shores of Kerr Scott Lake to the top of Dark Mountain.

The event offered more than $5,500 in prizes. Two Giant Stiletto low-rider bikes were given away. Event results and overall series standings will be posted at the Cane Cup series website.

Event "a huge success," Matt says

"The Cane Creek event was a huge success," Matt said.  "We would like to thank our sponsors and all the race volunteers.  Our club and community really do pull together to make all our events a success, and that was definitely demonstrated this weekend."

Gold level Dark Mountain sponsors were Kenda Tires, BB&T, Giant Bicycles and Cook's Sporting Goods.

Silver level Dark Mountain sponsors included Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, Oury Grips, Paceline Bicycles, Magic Cycles, the Bicycle Shop of Clemmons, Lightning Cycles, Addison Inn and Hampton Inn of Wilkesboro.

Bronze level Dark Mountain sponsors included Waste Management, Staples, Brushy Mountain Water, Boone Bike & Touring, Azonic, Road ID, Biking Buddies, Mock Orange Bikes and Paul's Cycling & Fitness.

Rider feedback: Let's do it again!

"Overall, we had a good turnout," said BMCC’s Jason Bumgarner.  "We also got some good recognition and a lot of awesome reviews for our trails."

"Kirstie Alley sized PROPS to you guys!" said Ed, a Raleigh area rider, online.  "Loved the venue and everything went off smoothly...Well done!"

"Outstanding!" another rider raved.  "(Dark Mountain was) probably the best organized and promoted race I've been to in a long time. Matt and crew, you guys did an excellent job."

Cane Creek competitors: Let your voice be heard. Click here to make suggestions and share feedback about your visit to Dark Mountain. We'll use your feedback as we plan the 2006 event.